STP and STC announce the release of its newly developed EHS audit protocol for South Africa

Latest EHS Regulations Updates Assist Companies to Achieve EHS Compliance

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, June 21, 2021 / — STP ComplianceEHS (STP) and Specialty Technical Consultants (STC) announce the release of its newly developed environmental health and safety (EHS) audit protocol for South Africa. This audit protocol covers relevant national EHS requirements. The regulatory date for the current release is February 2021.

Leading companies around the world use EHS audit protocols to understand the scope of their EHS regulatory obligations and rapidly collect, share, archive, and export audit findings in a cost-effective manner. EHS audit protocols are prepared by STC in partnership with STP and continue to focus on those national (plus, in some cases, regional or provincial) EHS requirements that have site-specific application for manufacturing operations. As a leading EHS management consulting firm with a global network of experienced EHS teaming partners, STC has in-depth knowledge and technical expertise of local/regional EHS requirements.

STP and STC maintain leading-edge EHS audit protocols for more than 50 jurisdictions. The protocol documents are written in English and are available in MS Word, Adobe Acrobat and Excel formats, as well as through STP’s web-based portal or can be integrated into an existing company platform. Using the protocols’ custom templates and advanced functionality features, auditors can easily track audit findings and manage data over time to improve compliance, risk management and safety performance. In addition, STP’s formatting is compatible with leading risk management and sustainability platform providers.

Highlights of selected legislation covered in the newly developed protocol include:

Government Notice R. 700 of December 8, 2020 introduces mandatory requirements for the display of energy performance certificates in non-residential buildings and provides for the submission of energy performance certificates by owners of buildings.

Government Notice R. 1003 of September 18, 2020 repeals and replaces the Alien and Invasive Species Lists, 2014. It lists the species for which, among other things, landowners are required to take steps to prevent or minimize harm to biodiversity.

Government Notice R. 1020 of September 25, 2020 repeals and replaces the Alien and Invasive Species Regulations, 2014. It sets out restricted activities in terms of listed invasive species as well as permit requirements when conducting restricted activities.

Government Notice R. 994 of September 11, 2020 amends the National Greenhouse Emission Reporting Regulations, 2016. The amendments include the requirement to report on a facility level, an update of the table with emission generating activities and reporting thresholds, as well as an update to the most recent version of the Technical Guidelines for Validation and Verification of Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

SANS 10234:2019, Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) repeals and replaces previous versions of the Standard, including the 2008 version. The 2019 version of the Standard is aligned with the 4th revision of the UN GHS Purple book.

Government Notice R. 280 of March 29, 2021 repeals and replaces the Regulations for Hazardous Chemical Substances, 1995. Also known as Regulations for Hazardous Chemical Agents, 2020, the new version of the legislation continues to include requirements for protecting employees who work with hazardous chemical substances in the workplace.

Government Notice 22 of January 21, 2019 was adopted to establish procedures and control measures for the import, export and transit of waste and ensure cradle-to-cradle management in the transboundary movement of waste. It is also referred to as the Regulations Regarding the Control of the Import or Export of Waste.

Government Notice R. 1195 of November 10, 2020 repeals and replaces the Asbestos Regulations, 2001. Also known as the Asbestos Abatement Regulations, 2020, the new version of the legislation continues to set forth the requirements for occupational use and exposure to asbestos, including notification of asbestos processing, education and training, measurement of exposure, record keeping, zoned areas, control of asbestos dust, cleanliness of premises and personal protective equipment.

Government Notice R. 1589 of December 6, 2019 adopts the Ergonomics Regulations, 2018, which establish requirements regarding exposure to ergonomic risks in the workplace and also apply to designers, manufacturers, importers or suppliers of machinery, plant or work systems for use at a workplace.
Government Notice R. 1150 of September 10, 2019 adopts the Regulations to Phase-Out the Use of Persistent Organic Pollutants, 2019 to establish the requirements for the phase-out of the use, production, distribution, import and export of the prescribed persistent organic pollutants (POPs).

SANS 10019:2021 (Transportable Pressure Receptacles for Compressed, Dissolved and Liquefied Gases – Basic Design, Manufacture, Use and Maintenance) repeals and replaces previous versions of the Standard, including the 2011 and 2019 versions.

For more information on this release click here.

For more information on all International EHS audit protocols offered by STP click here.

About STP ComplianceEHS
STP ComplianceEHS (STP) produces technical resource guides covering environmental, health & safety, transportation, business practices, standards, and law, offering comprehensive guidance on key compliance and regulatory issues. STP is a division of Glacier Media Inc., a Canadian information communications company that provides primary and essential information in print, electronic and online media. Glacier’s Business and Professional Information Group publishes directories, technical manuals, research and development materials, medical education, electronic databases, investment information, and specialty websites.

About Specialty Technical Consultants
Specialty Technical Consultants, Inc. (STC) is a specialized management consulting firm working to enhance environmental health and safety (EHS) performance. Through its consulting services, STC partners with clients to strengthen management systems' design and implementation, and identifies needs and implements solutions to meet business objectives. Services provided include: EHS compliance support; risk assessment; EHS auditing; corporate responsibility and sustainability; EHS management systems development and implementation; EHS regulatory information tools; and EHS training.

STC is certified as a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and the Supplier Clearinghouse for the California Public Utilities Commission, and as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program.

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Electro Scan Earns 'Top Product of the Year' Award From Environment + Energy Leader for Water Leak Detection Solution

Electro Scan's DELTA offers a 100x improvement over legacy acoustic sensors to locate and measure leaks expressed in Gallons per Minute or Liters per Second.

Electro Scan’s DELTA offers a 100x improvement over legacy acoustic sensors to locate and measure leaks expressed in Gallons per Minute or Liters per Second.

Severe drought conditions, high energy costs to treat and pump potable drinking water, and water losses of 20-30% by most water utilities demands more accurate leak detection.

Severe drought conditions, high energy costs to treat and pump potable drinking water, and water losses of 20-30% by most water utilities demands more accurate leak detection.

The award-winning DELTA combines Electro Scan + Acoustic + CCTV as part of its patented machine-intelligent multi-sensor solution.

The award-winning DELTA combines Electro Scan + Acoustic + CCTV as part of its patented machine-intelligent multi-sensor solution.

Drought conditions in the Western United States now feared to be the worst in nearly 1,200 years.

Drought conditions in the Western United States now feared to be the worst in nearly 1,200 years.

Chuck Hansen is scheduled to present at the E+E Solutions Summit '21 appearing on both days to discuss WATER & SEWER leak location & quantification.

Chuck Hansen is scheduled to present at the E+E Solutions Summit ’21 appearing on both days to discuss WATER & SEWER leak location & quantification.

Breakthrough Technology Overcomes Age-Old Problems of Listening for Water Leaks

We are delighted to help overhaul the antiquated approaches of hearing [Acoustic], seeing [CCTV Cameras], or sniffing [Helium Tracers] for leaks.”

— Chuck Hansen, CEO & Founder, Electro Scan Inc.

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 21, 2021 / — Electro Scan Inc. announced today that the company received the ‘Top Product of the Year Award’ from the elite Environment + Energy Leader Awards program for its groundbreaking DELTA pressure pipeline water leak detection product. The company's innovative DELTA inspection solution uses low-voltage electric current to overcome age-old limitations of acoustic methods that have traditionally relied on hearing underground leaks.

Electron Scan's award will be presented at the 6th Annual Environment + Energy Leader Solutions Summit, July 20 & 21, 2021, where the company will be featured both days presenting its game-changing leak detection solutions for Water [DAY ONE] helping utilities address severe drought conditions and boil water notifications and Wastewater [DAY TWO] replacing less accurate Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras to solve persistent flooding & sewer backups, and certify repairs as watertight.

Not influenced by water pipe pressures, flow velocities, pipe materials, or ground conditions, Electro Scan’s patented technology locates leaks to within 3/8 of an inch, then measures the size of each leak's opening. Seen as a major disruptor to legacy leak detection approaches, Electro Scan is the first solution provider to accurately express leaks in Gallons per Minute or Liters per Second.

“This win is an indication that our expert judges consider Electro Scan’s DELTA machine-intelligent leak detection solution a top example of the exemplary work being done today in the fields of energy and environmental management,” says Sarah Roberts, Environment + Energy Leader publisher.

Electro Scan is a key player in the Energy-Water nexus, where costs for power often rival labor costs to treat and pump potable drinking water to a customer’s tap.

According to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), leaking pipes lost an estimated US$7.6 billion of treated water in 2019. And, losses are projected to more than double in the coming decades, reaching over US$16 billion by 2040.

As a result, economic, environmental, and energy savings – and overall water conservation – can be substantially improved by adopting accurate and reliable leak detection methods offered by Electro Scan Inc.

"We are honored to be recognized for excellence in our products & services that best support the critical work by water utilities, consultants, and construction contractors, to deliver essential energy and environmental benefits,” stated Chuck Hansen, Chairman & CEO, Electro Scan Inc.

Water utilities have been searching for innovative solutions to overcome the limited success, subjective data, and false-positive results commonly provided by acoustic hydrophones, data loggers, correlators, permanently installed sensors, and listening sticks.

Even satellites, drones, and low-altitude flyovers that tout pinpoint leak location capabilities fall short of essential leak location accuracy.

While new techniques have focused on desktop analytics based on age, pipe diameter, location, and pipe material, the industry has found little correlation to pipe defects. In fact, based on Electro Scan data many pipes appear to have leaks at joints and service connections that may have existed since their initial installations.

"When you see a missing gasket or angular rock in a joint, precisely where Electro Scan has detected and measured a leak missed by acoustics, you know right away that the pipe was not correctly installed or tested," states Hansen.

Visual inspection or CCTV cameras, alone, were never an appropriate technology to reliably test or certify pipes as watertight. Despite heavy lobbying by equipment suppliers and contractors to accept new construction or rehabilitation work.

"Electro Scan is telling utilities that sometimes the most relevant question to ask is not a pipe's material or diameter, but who the contractor was that installed the pipe," continues Hansen.

And, many new technologies simply lack the ability to identify specific leak locations, or are unable to provide potential leakage rates as expressed in Gallons per Minute or Litres per Second.

In contrast, data generated by the DELTA's low-voltage conductivity sensor is unambiguous, unbiased, and uncomplicated, allowing field crews and water managers, alike, to readily rank and prioritize capital spending for pipe repairs and rehabilitation.

"At this time, when water managers are faced with making the most of their available capital dollars, DELTA inspection results provide unmatched data quality and accuracy to 'do more with less' and serve their rate payers most effectively," commented Mike Condran, PE, Electro Scan's Regional Vice President in the Southeast.

"We're excited to offer such an innovative solution for a wide-variety of applications in potable distribution networks," continued Condran.

Self-funded, Electro Scan Inc. is garnering worldwide attention from private equity firms and strategic investors interested in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) businesses that provide exciting growth trajectories and help address climate change & water shortages.

Later this week, Chuck Hansen will be a virtual panelist at CleanStart Meetup: WATER, Thursday, June 24, 2021, from 5:30pm to 7:00pm, where he will discuss how Electro Scan Inc. can help address California's historic drought.

Open to the public at no charge, guests may access the CleanStart Meetup: Water Live-Streamed Event via Zoom.

"We are delighted to help overhaul the antiquated approaches of hearing [Acoustic], seeing [CCTV Cameras],or sniffing [Helium Tracers] for leaks," stated Hansen.

A pioneer in the water industry, Hansen founded and ran one of the largest software companies dedicated to water, sewer, and highway infrastructure management from 1983 to 2007.

In a major repudiation of visual-based inspection techniques, Electro Scan’s technology has already had a major impact on the condition assessment of wastewater pipelines, including gravity and pressurized sewer force mains.

Presented during a separate session at the E+E Leaders Solutions Summit, Hansen will present several worldwide case studies discussing our leading utilities are using Electro Scan technology to address sewer overflows, backups, flooding, and to certify new & rehabilitated pipes as leak-free.

While recent AI applications of have shown CCTV data to be inconsistent and subjective, the additional spotlight on camera-based technology has had the unintended consequence of questioning its overall usefulness for pipe condition assessment.

Afterall, visual-based cameras cannot tell whether a crack goes through a pipe wall, cannot tell if a pipe’s joint is properly sealed, cannot tell if a service connection leaks, and cannot tell if lined pipes using trenchless Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) are watertight.

A current member of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) Water Condition Assessment Committee and former Chair, ASTM F36.20, Water and Sewer Inspection and Rehabilitation Committee, Hansen has either used or evaluated over 100 different technologies used for pipe condition assessment, holding fifteen (15) international patents in the area of pipe condition assessment.

For nearly a decade, the Environment + Energy Leader Awards have celebrated excellence in the world of environmental, sustainability and energy management. Award winners are truly buzz-worthy, and companies that sport a Top Project or Top Product of the Year Award badge are known to be the best of the best. When other companies are seeking a sustainability or energy management solution, they know that E+E Product of the Year Award winners offer a significant group of products, vetted by experts, to peruse for help in making their decisions. Project of the Year Award winners are known to illustrate how sustainability and energy management projects can successfully help other companies improve the bottom line.

Electro Scan Inc. is a leading supplier of machine-intelligent pipeline assessment, location, and quality assurance products and services for the water & wastewater markets. The company designs, develops, and markets its proprietary equipment, delivering field services and cloud-based applications that automatically locate, measure, and report leaks typically not found by legacy inspection methods. Follow Electro Scan Inc. on LinkedIn.

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How Junk Removal Services Help Your Moving Process Go Smoothly

Moving With The Help Of G.I. Junk Away

Moving With The Help Of G.I. Junk Away

FALLBROOK, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2021 / — Moving to a new place can feel like an opportunity to enjoy many new experiences. How your belongings get transported depends on where your brand new home lies.

But as you begin to pack your items, you will notice that there are many things you no longer need. Old furniture, broken appliances, and clothes that don’t fit, are just a few of the items that you should consider leaving behind.

Instead of taking your unwanted belongings with you, consider hiring a junk removal service provider to help. These services could be the asset you need to meet your closing deadline or get that security deposit back.

How Can Junk Removal Services Help with Your Move?
1. They get rid of the trash for you.

When you’re moving out of a home, a significant amount of trash can get left behind. Instead of making several runs to the landfill or an authorized disposal area, you can contact a local junk removal service to haul this stuff off for you. That means you can keep loading the truck or working with movers while the unwanted items disappear.

2. Some providers offer a dumpster.

If you don’t mind doing some of the work yourself, some professional junk removal services offer private dumpster access. You can fill up the container as you work and call the provider when you’ve finished. They’ll take the unwanted items to wherever they need to go for appropriate disposal.

3. You don’t need to leave stuff behind.

Unless you’re leaving hazardous materials or other items that the junk removal professionals cannot accept, this service can get rid of what doesn’t fit on the moving truck. You’ll avoid the administrative fees that landlords or property managers charge or the complaints from buyers who discover some stuff didn’t leave with you. It’s an affordable way to handle the remaining logistics of your move.

4. You have scheduling flexibility.

When you want to hire a professional junk removal team, it can be as simple as calling them about your job and texting a photo of what you need to have removed. Some agencies provide video consultations so that you receive a real-time estimate. From there, you can choose a date and time that works with your moving schedule.

The rest of the work is simple. Your junk removal service provider arrives at the date and time you specify. They remove your unwanted items, leaving the space clutter-free so that you can finish whatever cleaning work remains.

5. The services can count toward lease requirements.

Some leases require you to hire professional services for specific needs when moving out. When you work with junk removal specialists, you’ll receive the documentation needed to prove you’ve taken care of your responsibilities. That means you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that one more box gets checked off that to-do list.

Can We Lend a Hand with Your Move?

If you’re moving soon and have extra junk that needs to disappear, the G.I. Junk Away team is standing by to help!

Just let us know the items that you want us to remove, and we’ll be proud to deliver a competitive quote that takes care of your needs.

If you are looking for a junk removal company to help you move, G.I. Junk Away is the team for you! Contact us at (760) 896-4473 to start the conversation or visit our website at for more information.

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G.I. Junk Away Now Offers Convenient Carpet Removal For Your Demo Projects

Carpet Removal

Carpet Removal With G.I. Junk Away

FALLBROOK, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2021 / — When you purchase a home, the first thing that often needs to go is carpeting. Even if this flooring option is relatively new, you never know what the previous occupant might have been doing in each room.

What could be lurking in the padding or on top of the subfloor? It’s a thought that makes many homeowners shudder.

Although you can hire professional carpet installers who will remove your old flooring for an additional fee, it’s often cheaper to do part or all of the demo work yourself. If you need help with its disposal later, a professional junk removal service can provide a convenient alternative.

Here are the steps to follow when you’re ready to get rid of that old carpet in your home for good.

Step #1: Prepare the Room
You might need to remove doors, wall trim, baseboard heaters, and similar items before pulling the unwanted carpet. However, if you carefully pry everything off, you can reuse them once the flooring project is complete.

The carpet might run-up to your wall without being tucked underneath it. In that situation, you might be able to skip to the second step.

Step #2: Cut the Carpet into Strips
It helps to use a utility knife when cutting the unwanted carpet. If you create thin strips across the room, it’ll be easier to manage the materials. Of course, you’ll need to put some effort into the process to drive the blade through the backing, but you also want to avoid impacting the subfloor.

Step #3: Pull Up and Roll the Carpet
You’ll want breathing protection, goggles, and gloves for this step. When you pull up the carpeting, all the trapped allergens and dust get released into the environment. Start rolling it from one wall to the next with each strip until you have a manageable size without being bulky.

Use duct tape to secure the carpet into a roll. Continue progressing across the room until all the carpeting is gone.

Step #4: Remove the Padding
Some installers used carpet padding that was glued to the floor. Depending on the age of the material, it might roll up into strips as the carpet did. You can secure those with duct tape.

If you have foam padding, it will pull up without much effort. It helps to have a garbage bag available to prevent the debris from spreading around the room. Once you have that material gone, you’ll want to pull out any staples or clips that remain on the floor.

Step #5: Remove the Tack Strips (Optional)
If your tack strips are in good shape, you can leave them along the wall if you intend to install a new carpet.

When they need to be removed due to mold, mildew, or damage, it helps to use a thin crowbar to lift the sharp tacks from the floor. Some products require a hammer and a paint scraper to get underneath for the lift.

Step #6: Clean the Area
Once you’ve removed the carpet, padding, and tack strips, your subfloor is ready for a good cleaning. It helps to have a shop vacuum available for the dust and debris you’ll find waiting there. Try not to use moisture on the subfloor to prevent potential issues with expansion that could delay your new flooring installation.

Once you have everything removed, you can contact a professional junk removal service to take care of the unwanted carpeting and debris! At G.I. Junk Away, our expertise can be your next best asset when you have things that need to disappear. Contact us at (760) 896-4473 to start the conversation or visit our website at for more information.

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G Grace Junk Removal Now Offering Spring Cleaning

 Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2021 / — When the weather gets warmer, and the flowers start blooming, spring cleaning feels like a logical addition to your to-do list.

The issue with this annual ritual is that it can be an emotional experience. So many of the items in a home can have emotional value to them, making it challenging to remove those things when it is time to do some cleaning.

Even if something is broken or unusable, the item might trigger a family memory or have an association with a lost loved one.

Is it time to tackle your spring cleaning chores? If so, here are some ways that you can get the job done in less than a week while respecting those emotional connections.

What Can I Do to Start Reclaiming My Home?

If you’re ready to get organized, these six steps can help you tackle your spring cleaning this year quickly and efficiently.

Step One: Plan Your Spring Cleaning Adventure

Before you start cleaning and organizing, it helps to make a list of the places in your home where you want to remove clutter. Once you’ve completed this overview, select the top three spots you’d like to see improved the most. When you finish clearing these spots, you’ll find that the outcome provides the most satisfaction.

Step Two: Start Where It Is Easy

If you find some areas are more challenging to address than others at home, start the spring cleaning process where you know you can get to work. Once you get the ball rolling with your decluttering and organizational strategies, the rest of your house will feel easier to tackle.

You don’t need to start with something substantial! Even a sock drawer or bathroom closet are significant areas to put on your to-do list.

Step Three: Decide What You Want to Keep

It helps to follow the Three Rule Philosophy when sorting your items.

Do you love the item?
Do you use it regularly?
Can you live without it?

If the answer is “yes” to all of them, you should allow that item to take up space in your home. When that outcome doesn’t occur, it’s time to get rid of it. Most people only use about 20% of what they own regularly. That means there is a lot of space for decluttering work to happen!

Step Four: Sort Your Disposables

Although it might seem easier to throw everything away when you start spring cleaning your home, it’s not the most environmentally conscious method of getting organized. Some items could be donated, while others might qualify for recycling programs. If something doesn’t fit into those categories, only then should it head for the trash.

Step Five: Get Some Support

It isn’t easy to part ways with some of your belongings. However, if you can give some things to people you love, it’ll feel easier to let go of those items. For some, this step is essential because their support team can help pack up everything, transport the stuff to its intended location, and handle other logistics that might be a roadblock to your organizational efforts.

Step Six: Finish the Job

Once you’ve removed the unwanted items from your home, it’s time to tidy things up. It helps to give your carpets, floors, and upholstery a thorough cleaning so that each room can feel fresh and inviting.

If you need assistance with your spring cleaning, visit our site at or give us a call at (253) 455-8718 to book an appointment with us and learn more about our junk removal services in Seattle!

Paul Bal
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New 2021 Tips For Estate Clean Outs in Washington

Estate Cleanout

Estate Cleanout

WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2021 / — The death of a loved one is never easy, but the Estate Clean Out process can be made much easier with professional Estate Clean Out help. Estate cleanouts are not for everyone; it's hard work and requires some expertise to get it done quickly. But if you're looking for Estate Clean Out tips or finding out how G Grace Junk Removal can help, keep reading!

The Estate Clean Out process can be a daunting task, but with the right Estate Clean Out tips and some help from G Grace Junk Removal, you will make it through. The first step to any Estate clean-out is preparing for what's ahead of you. You'll need:

Make A Plan

Before you go to clean out the estate, you'll need to make a plan. What you have to do will depend largely on what the Estate's executor has requested and how much help they are willing to provide. Still, it would help if you prepared for Estate cleanout in advance to overwhelm you when dealing with unpredictable schedules and deadlines. Some things to consider before beginning are, "What is the Estate size?" "Do I know where all of the items might be located?" "Am I only responsible for one area or multiple areas throughout different parts of the house or property?" "How long can I realistically devote each day/weekend (if any) towards Estate clean-out efforts?"

Make sure to gather lot maps of the estate, especially if you're responsible for many buildings on the Estate. This will help ensure that you'll know beforehand what's in each building and where specific items are located so as not to waste time unnecessarily looking for things when Estate clean-outs begin.

If the Estate has a pool, spa, or other bodies of water, make sure to shut off any systems before beginning Estate cleanout efforts and hire qualified professionals who know how to work with these types of systems; this will save time later during Estate cleanup because they can be much more difficult than typical house plumbing issues!

Take Inventory

It may also benefit your estate cleaning out efforts by taking inventory ahead of time. List anything potentially valuable (antiques, memorabilia, heirlooms, jewelry, watches, etc.). Make sure to list what you will need to bring with you to protect those items for Estate Clean Out day.

When it comes to furniture and other items in the estate, you may want to consider donating items that are in good condition and could be of use to others. It's also a great way for Estate Clean Out day to provide some positive meaning after losing those who lived there!

Make sure you take plenty of pictures and measurements, so you know what you're looking for when Estate cleanup time comes around!

Bring The Right Tools

When it comes to landscaping, you might have to clear brush or debris away, so make sure to bring garden tools and equipment.

Heavy work gloves are also important since you will be moving heavy pieces of furniture or other objects. A lighter or shovel might be necessary for Estate Clean Out day if you need to move organic material like leaves and grass clippings.

When it comes to cleaning out, the Estate keep safety in mind! Ensure that all power tools are unplugged when not being used, so they don't start unexpectedly. Also, take a break every hour, drink plenty of water and have some healthy snacks on hand – Estate clean out is no joke!

Hire A Junk Removal Company!

G Grace Junk Removal will take care of Estate Clean Outs with our team of professionals who know how to handle everything from electronics disposal to estate cleanouts in Washington. We'll remove any junk, yard debris, or unwanted items from your home at an affordable price, and we can also donate any items that are still in good shape.

If you want to learn more about our services, visit our site at or give us a call at (253) 455-8718

Paul Bal
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New 2021 Tips For Recycling Electronics

E-Waste Junk Removal

E-Waste Junk Removal

WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2021 / — It's time to get rid of all those old electronics that you are no longer using. But, you might not know where to take them or how recycling them will benefit the environment. In this blog post, we'll give you some ways to recycle your old electronics and help keep our planet clean!

If you have an old computer, printer, or fax machine that is no longer used, there are a few ways to recycle it. First, you can give the electronics away and ask specifically for them not to be discarded in landfills when someone else buys them from you. This way, they will know what to do with your old electronics so they won't end up becoming harmful waste.

Selling is another great option when it comes to getting rid of electronics. You could sell your electronics to a local retailer, or you can try selling them on sites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay. If the products are in good condition, then they should be worth some money!

You might also consider donating old items that still work but have been replaced by newer models. Often organizations will collect used goods for donation purposes, so even if it's not being sold, there is no need to discard these "old" electronics when people could use them.

Why is it important to recycle electronics?

Recycling e-waste is important because it prevents the release of hazardous chemicals into our environment. When electronics are recycled, they can be broken down and made new again without releasing these harmful substances into the air or water supply. In addition, by recycling old technology, we allow newer pieces to be reused more often than before!

How can Rainier Junk Removal help me recycle my old electronics?

Rainier Junk Removal offers full-service junk removal for customers who want to recycle their old computers, TVs, cellphones, and other electronics. We can remove it from your home or office with our professional junk removal services at an affordable cost!

So, if you have an old TV or computer that's lying around, give Rainier Junk Removal a call today! Our team will always recycle electronics, so you can kick back and relax knowing everything is being taken care of! Call our number 253-345-JUNK or visit our website

Kellen Becker
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Junk Removal Services Now Offered in Tacoma, Washington

Tacoma, Washington

Tacoma, Washington

WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2021 / — Rainier Junk Removal is a family-owned and operated business that provides junk removal services for homes & businesses in Tacoma, Washington. Junk removal can be tricky because many different types of junk people need to be removed from their property. Here at Rainier Junk Removal, we keep it simple and to the point. So if you have been looking for the best junk removal team around, keep reading ahead to see which types of junk removal services we offer!

Home Clean-Outs:

Are you moving out of your home and have too many items you don't want to bring with you? A home clean-out includes all of the items inside your home. Junk removal specialists will take out everything from furniture, appliances, and clutter that you don't want to keep anymore.

Business Clean-Outs:

Are you a business needing some help getting rid of some old office junk or retail merchandise? Our junk removal experts can come onto your property to get all trash off-site, so you don't have any worries about storing it long-term!

Construction Waste Disposal:

If there is construction happening on your property, Rainier Junk Removal is happy to remove all debris left over after they're done with their job. All leftover materials such as concrete slabs, drywall, wood scraps, and even metals like copper pipes go into one big recycling bin.

Furniture & Appliance Removal:

Are you moving out or renovating? We can help! Junk removal services are offered for any furniture and appliances. However, lifting and moving heavy items like this on your own is a dangerous task that can lead to injury.

Electronics Junk Removal:

Do you have old computers and monitors cluttering up your basement? We're happy to help! Old electronics such as these can be hazardous materials in landfills, so we'll gladly remove and dispose of them properly.

Garage Junk Removal:

If the garage is filled with antique tools or unwanted furniture from an old house, Rainier Junk Removal has got it covered! Junk removal services are offered for any size of junk taking over part of your property.

Light Demolition:

Rainier Junk Removal can help you with light demolition. If you have a shed, deck, or renovation in your home that you need to be demolished, we can handle it!

These are just some of the services we offer to customers like you! To learn more about all of our junk removal services, give us a call today at 253-345-JUNK or visit our website

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Benshines Junk Removal Is Now Offering Office Clean Outs

Office Space After Junk Removal

Office Space

ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, June 18, 2021 / — Ready to relocate offices? Or is it just time to get organized again? Taking on this task can seem quite overwhelming, but we are here to help! In this blog, you will learn the best tips and tricks to get your office packed up and organized seamlessly. So keep reading ahead!

Tips For Cleaning Out Your Office Space:

1. Remove All Personal Items and Clutter: This step is important since these items are usually small. Office clutter can make it difficult to find things when you need them.

2. Organize Your Office Space: Once all the personal items are removed, organize your office space by type of item and size so that you know where everything is at a glance. It sounds funny to organize while you're moving, but this will make moving easier since you will know where everything is at.
3. Pack Up Large Items: Things like desks, chairs, filing cabinets, etc., that are still in working condition should be packed up and stored away for the big move.

4. Take Down Partitions: The partitions around desks should be removed so you can easily move furniture and other items around for the big move.

5. Remove Office Machines: Office machines such as photocopy and printers should also be packed up before moving to the new office location to avoid getting damaged in transit.

6. Pack Up Your Business Files: Once all other personal belongings have been removed from your old space, load file cabinets with important documents and paperwork related only to your company's operations onsite at this site.

Call A Junk Removal Company To Help!

If you have a surplus of items that you cannot bring along with you, a junk removal service is a perfect place to start! Benshine's Junk Removal will take the task off your plate and use the best equipment to get your unwanted office furniture, junk, clutter, or broken items out of your old office. We always make sure to recycle and donate as much as possible!

Benshine’s Junk Removal offers office clean-out and junk removal services in Phoenix and surrounding areas with highly qualified teams. Those who want to learn more about our services can contact us at 480-925-1424 or by visiting our website

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New Tips To Get Your Yard Back Into Shape with Benshines Junk Removal

Yard Cleanup

Yard Cleanup

ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, June 18, 2021 / — Do you have a backyard that is full of junk and other unwanted items? If so, it might be time to do some cleaning. Whether you want to get rid of old furniture or simply need help organizing your yard, Benshine's Junk Removal can provide the services necessary for a complete backyard overhaul. We offer our services without any hidden costs for those looking for an easy way to clean up their unattractive yards. In this blog, we will go over some DIY tips to get your backyard into shape and show you how junk removal services may be of benefit to you!

DIY Tips To Get Your Yard Back Into Shape:

Start by removing any unwanted items, including furniture and debris. Yard debris that builds up in your yard not only can be an eyesore, but it can also attract unwanted bugs and rodents. As for furniture, if your old furniture is ready to replace, try donating or selling it to clear some space!

Another great way to make your backyard look amazing is by implementing some landscaping! Plant a tree or shrub that is native to your area. This will keep the yard cooler and provide plenty of shade if you have an outdoor sitting space. You should also consider adding some flowers, like petunias, in spaces around your home for color and beauty! Flowers don't just make a backyard more attractive; they also offer a place for pollinators to live and reproduce. Pollinator populations are quickly decreasing, so making your backyard friendly for these little creatures is essential! Make sure all of the weeds are pulled so that what you plant has all the space it needs to grow strong and healthy.

The last DIY tip we have to make your patio or backyard look great is to add some decorations. We recommend adding a few colorful and fun pieces of furniture like chairs or benches. Add some potted plants to your patio, but make sure they are low-maintenance ones that will thrive in the hot Arizona climate. Hanging string lights in the backyard will give the area the last finishing touch to look picture perfect.

How Benshine's Junk Removal Can Help You Cleanup Your Backyard

If you live in Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, or Scottsdale and need a junk removal service like Benshine's Junk Removal, then we are here to help. We provide trash pick-up for residential backyards as well as commercial jobs that require dumpsters. Our team is always professional, courteous, and on-time for the job! We will clean up your backyard and make sure it is clear of debris, clutter, and junk. If you have an old shed that needs to be torn down, we also offer light demolition services!

And don't forget to have a barbecue! Allowing people into your home is another way of making the space feel more like it's yours and inviting those you love over for company.

Benshine’s Junk Removal offers yard debris and junk removal services in Mesa, Arizona, and surrounding areas with highly qualified teams. Those who want to learn more about our services can contact us at 480-925-1424 or by visiting our website


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