Structural BIM Services Transforming AEC Sector

Structural BIM Modeling Transforming AEC Sector

Structural BIM Modeling Transforming AEC Sector

Structural Engineering Design Process

Structural Engineering Design Process

Structural BIM Coordination

Structural BIM Coordination

Structural Fabrication Drawings

Structural Fabrication Drawings

5D BIM Quantity Take-off for Structural Services

5D BIM Quantity Take-off for Structural Services

Structural BIM service providers recognize the importance of operational work process management, reducing 15% construction cost.

Structural BIM service providers recognize the importance of operational work process management. Engineers are reaping the benefits with 15% cost savings from successful BIM implementation.”

— Sukh Singh

WASHINGTON DC, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA , USA, October 20, 2021 / — Tejjy Inc. facilitates AEC project stakeholders in creating virtual 3D BIM models, addressing design flaws at the pre-construction stage. The development of 3D BIM modeling services has transformed the Architectural, Engineering & Construction Industry with proper planning and coordination for successful project execution.

Vice President of Tejjy Inc. with profound understanding of international building codes & processes, stated
 “Structural BIM service providers recognize the importance of operational work process management. Engineers are reaping the benefits of Building Information Modeling technology in their construction workflow with 15% cost savings from successful project implementation."

Benefits of Structural BIM Services:
BIM engineers of Tejjy Inc. provided a detailed account of how Building Information Modeling helps in revolutionizing Structural Engineering through 3D Visualization. They explained – "BIM structural services streamline communication among project stakeholders in the architectural, engineering, and construction industries, allowing quick decision making during the pre-construction design-build stages.”

Process of Working with Structural BIM Modeling:
 Modelers check for constructability, performance, and maintenance of structures made of wood, steel, and concrete.
 They provide value-added support with design evolution from the conceptual or schematic stage to construction documentation.
 Through Building Information Model, a comprehensive analysis of the building elements is made for project delivery in a risk-free environment.
 Structural drawings produced by engineers enable residential and commercial works including renovations or new additions.
 Bill of Materials and estimation solutions for pre-construction enhance productivity and execute constructability analysis for structural engineering firms.

Sectors Facilitated:
Structural Engineering Services facilitate various sectors, including:
 High Rise Structures
 Steel Plants
 Commercial Buildings
 Healthcare Industries
 Residential Complexes

Major Structural BIM Services:
Key BIM Services for Structural Engineering include:
 Analysis, Design Development & Coordination
 3D Modeling for Construction
 4D Construction Simulation
 Structural Drawings/Construction Documentation
 5D Quantity Take-Off/Bill of Material
 Steel Structure Detailing

Digital Marketing Team of Tejjy Inc. commented – "Accurate 3D Models of Wood, Steel, Concrete, Pre-Stressed & Post-Tensioned Structures from an approved set of Structural Drawings help to visualize the benefits of integrating Building Information Modeling data with business functions including:
 Procurement
 Contract management
 Document management
 Budget evaluation
 Cost control
 Project management"

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A Significant Structural BIM Case Study of Tejjy Inc.:
Tejjy Inc. created structural modeling for Signal House Project in Washington DC. The office building, expected to get completed by 2022 is estimated to accommodate 4,700 multifamily, serving as a new lease on work-life. The 225,000 square feet workplace, would pay homage to the ancient industrial surroundings with special metal, glass exteriors, and terracotta.

Project Vertical Served: Retail & Residential (Mixed-Use Construction)
 Start Date of BIM Implementation – 10/2019
 End Date of BIM Implementation – 04/2020

Software Used: RAM Concept from Finite Element Modeling

Scope of Work:
 BIM Modeling
 Coordination of Concrete Model
 Creation of Shop Drawings

Work Process Undertaken for the Project Execution:
 Provided BIM execution plan for model creation
 Followed protocol provided by project team members
 Used licensed subscription – AEC packages from Autodesk software
 In-house team collaboration, with clients for project execution

Project Challenge:
 Engineers faced a problem with reinforcement in column junction, through the concrete slab and slip fold.

Solution to the Challenge:
 Engineers of Tejjy Inc. produced a 3D BIM model, identified clashes and worked with project managers, eliminating the problem.

Problem Solving Approach:
 Collaborated with project managers
 Delivered clash-free concrete modeling
 Identified and sorted out multiple slab edge and beam errors

How did Tejjy empower the owner?
 Through Revit modeling, engineers minimized errors for this project, saving rework time, during the later stages of construction.

How did the technology help to simplify the project workflow?
 Revit BIM technology reduced errors and produced a clash-free model at the onset of the construction, enabling smooth project execution.

Get in touch with top Structural Modelers:
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