The Start of a New Chapter: MB Metals Restructures Staff with New Export Sales and Logistics Manager

MB Metals, Inc. has promoted Giovanni Freda to Export Sales & Logistics Manager to help drive sales growth and manage existing customer and supplier accounts.

BELLEVUE , WA, UNITED STATES, October 13, 2021 / — International supplier of various secondary steel, ferrous, and non-ferrous scrap metal, MB Metals, Inc. specializes in exporting to mills, foundries, distributers, and secondary re-processors around the world. All of their products are produced to ISRI and customer specification for re-melting, re-rolling and re-use in multiple applications. In order to best support the process of exporting scrap for the MB Metals, Inc. business unit, they have decided to promote Giovanni Freda to Export Sales & Logistics Manger. He will be responsible for managing, directing, controlling, coordinating and reporting all logistics activities, including importing and exporting efforts, freight, traffic, and logistic requirements.

With a mission to foster rewarding relationships with domestic and international customers, Freda will provide timely submission of all supplier purchase order and customer sales order information prior to shipment, with careful adherence to the requirements of both the supplier and home office. This will help ensure timely and accurate shipment, delivery, and invoicing of customer orders—ultimately helping improve supply chain efficiency.

Along with directing, coordinating, and submitting purchase orders for primarily ferrous and steel scrap, the Export Sales & Logistics Manager will also be responsible for the logistics of all foreign-to-foreign shipments. This entails gathering all the proper documentation, and facilitating the most efficient method for delivery between foreign destination points. Additionally, he will help negotiate the best possible freight rates for domestic and international shipments. It is the mission of MB Metals to further improve their efficiency, reliable shipping methods, and cost savings through Freda’s efforts.

Since the Exports Sales & Logistics manager will often be acting as a representative of MB Metals, they will also be at the forefront of all customer communications and concerns. This will involve the resolving of any issues relating to unforeseen supply chain delays, pricing, and service issues. All customer concerns will be communicated to the entire staff, and filed with documentation on how the issue was resolved.

MB Metals, Inc. is confident through the promotion of Giovanni Freda to Export Sales & Logistics Manager, they will further improve their logistical efficiency, and facilitate positive growth within the company.

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