Yarab Capital Completes Acquisition of SCS Marine Global

SCS Marine Global to charter new horizons of growth

SCS Global is a great addition to the Yarab Capital portfolio. The acquisition emphasises the Group’s ambition to further expand internationally.”

— Mr Mohammed Niraz Buhari

DUBAI, UAE, September 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Yarab Capital, a part of Yarab Group, is proud to announce its recent acquisition of leading international industrial maintenance, SCS Marine Global. A global leader in industrial maintenance for marine and oil rigs services, among others, SCS Marine Global will charter new horizons of growth and development under Yarab Capital’s ownership in a bid to further strengthen its portfolio of services. Occupying a unique position in the global logistics chain, services provided by companies like SCS Marine Global present a huge market opportunity for investors and Yarab Capital is more than ready to harness the collective synergies, strengths, and business opportunities this acquisition will bring the wider Yarab Group.

In operation for over a decade, SCS Marine Global has over one hundred certified, expert technicians covering 7 Emirates with a roster of over 50 satisfied and recurring clients. Armed with the latest and most relevant ISO certifications, this team of experts is ready to tackle some of the biggest jobs in the field and now, as part of Yarab Capital, is poised to embark on a new era of growth and achievement. With services covering pipeline systems, tank maintenance, yachts, ships, and drilling rig maintenance as well as drain lines and grease control, Yarab Capital’s latest acquisition has a depth of services that few can match in its industry and that should serve well as a springboard for future expansion.

But SCS Marine Global isn’t just limited to massive, industrial-scale operations – it also performs maintenance and care for clientele occupying residential buildings or commercial warehouses as well as exhaust system maintenance for kitchens, galleys, and more. Indeed, SCS Marine Global’s range of services is so broad and comprehensive that it touches upon almost every relevant commercial, industrial, and residential sector. Such scope of services coupled with the known expertise and quality of the team at SCS Marine Global has helped make it a world leader in maintenance for its 12 years of operation and bodes well for the road ahead under Yarab Group’s leadership.

This extends also to window/signboard maintenance and AC system quality control and upkeep. In other words, if it is essential for modern life and industry, SCS Marine Global is there to help make it happen. Occupying such a unique and critical place in the greater logistics system speaks to the quality of work that SCS Marine Global performs. Indeed, the company’s quality policy is likely one of the foundational blocks around which the company’s greater vision is centered. Promising secure, reliable, safe, and accessible services, SCS Marine Global is renowned for its trustworthy, environmentally sound, client-first approach to doing business.

Security refers to SCS Marine Global’s use of time-tested business practices that utilize the latest in cutting-edge technology, research, and know-how. Reliability refers to the company’s standard of performance that will meet and exceed client expectations time and time again. Safety and accessibility are two cornerstones of the company’s approach to any project and, as such, guarantee the client a safe working atmosphere and on-call staff as well as technical support whenever they might need it.

Yarab Group Chairman, Mr Mohammed Niraz Buhari said “SCS Marine Global is a great addition to the Yarab Capital portfolio. The acquisition emphasises the Group’s ambition to further expand internationally, enabling us to offer more diverse and enhanced services across multiple sectors.”.

Shyju Sudhamony
SCS Global
+971 4 258 3952

Source: EIN Presswire