Carton Service Offers Paper Packaging Alternative for Eco-Conscious Companies

Challenging conventional packaging for wet and dry foods, Cartons4REarth are a paper-based packaging choice that help limit your environmental impact.

SHELBY, OH, UNITED STATES, July 12, 2021 / — Aiming to pivot the packaging market away from single-use plastics, Carton Service CSi, LLC specializes in manufacturing paper-based packaging for the food, beverage and medical industries. Introducing their new “Cartons 4R Earth” line, Carton Service hopes to inspire companies across many industries to utilize paper-based packaging for non-traditional items, such as liquid soaps, soap refills, dry foods like cereal, snack, crackers and confections, or semi-solid foods like potato salad and coleslaw.

The “4R” in “Carton 4R Earth” represents four “R’s” they believe to be essential to sustainability: Reducing, recycling, renewing and refilling. Given the numerous environmental dangers associated with plastic waste, Carton Service believes strongly that their paper-based packaging offers a viable alternative to the plastic options to which many of us have become accustomed.

Their main goal in introducing the “Cartons 4R Earth” line is to target companies that wish to minimize their plastic packaging, but have not yet been able to find a worthy alternative to plastic methods. Broadening the types, sizes and designs of various gable top containers, Carton Service is confident that many of the companies they serve can transition into 100% paper-based packaging maintaining packaging performance and financial feasibility.
Since traditional gable top containers may not always be the best shape for every product, Carton Service also offers a variety of creative shapes, sizes and styles. Available with or without windows, here are some examples of the unexpected places their containers can be used:

• Direct Food Contact Cartons: Designed for dry ingredients like granola and pet food, this carton choice helps eliminate internal plastic bag-based packaging typically used for these products.

• Liquid Filled Gable Top Cartons: Designed with or without caps, these are ideal for nearly any liquid-based consumer product, such as hand soaps, detergent, milks, juices and more. This shape of carton is the most recognizable, but also versatile for a lot of liquid products not currently using a gable-top design, such as sparkling water or disinfectant wipes.

• Gallon-Sized Cartons: These cartons are designed for semi-solid foods like potato salad or coleslaw, and can help eliminate large plastic containers that are not recyclable.

Today’s consumers oftentimes find themselves at a crossroads between what works best, and what is best for the planet. Carton Service’s top priority is to make both of those benefits a reality. As the world continues to evolve and innovate new alternatives to plastics, Carton Service hopes to offer a popular and dependable solution for companies across the United States looking to deliver the same quality product, without leaving the negative impact of plastic packaging waste. As the world continues to produce sustainable innovations for the products we depend on, Carton Service CSi, LLC hopes to be in a good position to take the alternative packaging market by storm, The development of their “Cartons 4R Earth” line is a big step towards that goal.

About Carton Service:

Founded in 1926, Carton Service CSi, LLC specializes in the manufacturing of folding and gable-top cartons via offset and flexographic printing. Capable of handling both small and large production runs, we are experts in: UV printing and UV coating production, in-line vision systems, quality operating system procedures, and specialty converting applications such as security tags, milk and foil stock converting, embossing and direct contact food carton production. Holding an assortment of certifications, we have the in-house design, packaging capabilities and quality control standards to get your product to market efficiently, and according to your exact specifications.

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