Diversys Redefines Recycling and Waste Program Management

An in-field worker using the Diversys mobile app to record activity in a waste program.

An in-field worker using the Diversys mobile app to record activity in a waste program.

Diversys' latest release unlocks the full potential of recovery or waste programs via mobile and web apps and features real-time data, dashboards and reports.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, June 10, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Diversys Software Inc. is excited to continue its drive towards a circular economy with the latest release of its transformational solution for the recycling and waste management industry that changes the way programs are managed—regardless of waste or recovery stream, or program complexity. The Diversys solution, optimizes every step in a program or process, from in-field activities to back-office management, offering one platform for capturing and accessing relevant data and key program or business analytics.

“Simply stated, Diversys changes the game,” said Roger Barlow, CEO, Diversys. “The flexible platform allows organizations to run their programs or operations like never before, connect collection or recovery activities performed in-the-field with back-office management and leverage audit-ready, real-time data. Most importantly, Diversys gives users quick, easy access to previously unavailable key business insights so they can gauge their program’s overall health—and all of this can be done anytime, anywhere.”

Diversys ensures that people managing recycling and waste management programs move beyond simply making do with sub-par processes or legacy systems, and enables them to overcome commonly-faced challenges including costly errors, delayed processes, the inability to know at any time if performance goals or recovery targets are being met, and a lack of full visibility into waste or recycling processes as materials move.

Diversys is a simple-to-use, cloud-based SaaS solution that delivers unprecedented value by eliminating paper-based management solutions typically used in the industry. It enables a real-time connection between in-field activities, recorded on the unique Diversys mobile app, and office-based management, on the powerful Diversys web portal. With real-time data sharing, users get full visibility at every stage of the program, offering further opportunities for streamlining and enhancement. And, utilizing built-in tools like geotagging, zone or geography-based incentive rates, content verification, weight or distance thresholds, and other powerful capabilities, errors are virtually eliminated while processing of service provider claims is enhanced.

Diversys also leverages audit-ready, safeguarded and fully encrypted data, to aggregate information and provide real-time dashboards along with powerful reports that further assess the health of a program and identify any areas that need to be course-corrected as progress is made towards goals.

About Diversys

Diversys builds solutions for the recycling and waste management industry. By improving program management and data quality, they are driving a better circular economy, ultimately leading to a waste-free world.

Their revolutionary SaaS platform, Diversys, is available today. Visit Diversys.com to learn more.

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