Government of Québec releases draft low-carbon fuel regulation

Advanced Biofuels Canada applauds the Government of Québec’s leadership in developing regional low carbon economy with smart, cost-effective policy tool.

VANCOUVER, CANADA, May 13, 2021 / — Advanced Biofuels Canada applauds the Government of Québec’s release of a draft regulation to require increased use of low carbon fuels in the province. The release marks an important milestone in Québec’s commitment to climate action and clean energy growth.

Effective January 1, 2023, gasoline and diesel fuels distributed in Québec are to have low-carbon content of 15% and 10%, respectively, by 2030, with progressively higher inclusion rates between 2023 and 2030. Diesel pool content in 2023 will be 3%, and gasoline pool content 10% in 2023. In both pools, the low-carbon content volume requirements will be adjusted by a carbon intensity factor. Volume bonuses will be awarded if the average carbon intensity of low carbon fuels in the year is greater than 45% below the gasoline carbon intensity, or 70% below the diesel carbon intensity; in 2028, the bonus will apply after 50% and 75%, respectively. Consultation on the draft regulation closes June 26, 2021.

The ‘Regulation respecting the integration of low-carbon-intensity fuel content into gasoline and diesel fuel’ is expected to result in 2.5 MT of GHG reductions per year by 2030, and contribute to the provincial goal of reduced reliance on fossil fuel imports.

“When implemented, this regulation will realize for Québec the regional benefits of the transition to a circular bioeconomy by leveraging their existing low carbon electricity and green hydrogen development and using their abundant sustainable agricultural crops, agricultural and forestry residues, as well as urban and industrial waste streams,” said Ian Thomson, President of Advanced Biofuels Canada. “More made-in-Québec low carbon fuels can be expected.”

Advanced biofuels and renewable synthetic fuels can reduce greenhouse reductions by up to 115% below fossil fuels and can be made from a wide array of biogenic feedstocks and recurring residue and waste streams. With Quebec’s regulation, over 90% of Canadian fuel consumption will be subject to a provincial low carbon or renewable fuel standard, with biofuels supplying most of the compliance pursuant to these standards.

Advanced Biofuels Canada looks forward to working with Québec and clean fuel and climate action stakeholders to maximize this regulation’s potential for greenhouse gas reductions, cleaner urban air, and private sector investment and jobs in low carbon fuels and feedstocks.

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Source: EIN Presswire