LA City Council Candidate, Molly Basler, Advocator for Letter to Mayor Eric Garcetti Demanding Climate Justice to LA

Molly Basler

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, May 12, 2021 / — Los Angeles City Council candidate and environmentalist, Molly Basler, is holding Los Angeles officials accountable for helping in climate justice. Basler just signed a letter from dozens of environmentalist activist organizations and encourages others to sign it as well.

"LA has just completed a four year long 100% Renewable Energy Study, and now is facing a choice for what its long term plan for moving to clean energy will look like," state Basler. "With compounding crises on the city’s doorstep, we believe the City must go beyond investing in clean energy,​ it must invest in its people."

To view the full letter and to sign it, please click here:

Molly has become a community organizer, Climate Reality Leader trained by Al Gore, environmental and animal welfare activist on the frontlines fighting for progressive values championing the People, Planet, and Animals. She is the progressive champion that the 5th council district needs. Molly has a compassionate and bold approach to solving the city of LA’s issues. She has worked to aid the homeless in her yoga teaching, along with volunteering at food distribution opportunities. She was head of a committee at Brentwood Presbyterian Church to ensure that our homeless neighbors had food and shelter.

Molly formed The Green Dream Campaign, in partnership with the West LA Democratic Club, working with many organizations and local Democratic leaders across LA County to go GREEN and push for sustainability by 2022. The Green Dream Campaign is founded on nine principles: the Green Dream Code of Ethics which will decrease our carbon footprint and fight the climate emergency impacting our communities.

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Source: EIN Presswire