PTO operated mist sprater

The new and improved Broyhill GForce Mist Sprayer line guarantees to go where conventional boom sprayers simply cannot.


DAKOTA CITY, NE: The new and improved GForce Mist Sprayer line guarantees to go where conventional boom sprayers simply cannot. Armed with more accuracy and efficiency as compared to the typical handgun sprayer, the lineup carries a whopping 8 models to choose from with two more under development.

The GForce allows easy access to the toughest spots such as ravines, ditches, fence lines, terraces, as well as wooded, brushy, and wet areas.

In addition to the 15-gallon size, Broyhill has added 25- and 40-gallon size skid versions. PTO size options include the 40-, 60-, 100-, and 150-gallon sizes. The mist sprayer can generate 100 mph wind and comes with a spray wand with a 15-ft rubber hose in addition to a 15-ft harness for pump control.

The GForce Tyrant also makes it much easier to spray around livestock, as well as hog and poultry areas. This has been made possible with the use of improved, 9-inch Lau fans that feature a 210-degree volute rotation, not to mention a 7HP Kohler engine and 12-volt, 2 GPM electric pump.

Depending upon the wind, approximately 65-ft of horizontal coverage, and 30-ft of vertical coverage is not a big feat for the GForce Tyrant.

The 3-point versions of the mist sprayer utilize a winterizing air-valve system for complete, thorough purging prior to storage. There is also no compromise on efficiency, owing to the added feature of a spray control center, ensuring faster overall spray times. Safety has always been a primary concern at Broyhill, and the spray control center is an embodiment of the same. It essentially serves as a one-stop location to set, adjust, and check units’ performance away from the danger of moving parts.

Broyhill has used top-of-the-line, standard industry pumps, spray guns, glycerin gauges, valves, and strainers in this expanded lineup, all to make sure that maintenance will not be as cumbersome, especially on the monetary front. Great value for money, the GForce Tyrant Mist Sprayer even provides a greater return on investment and is more than ideal for operators who work on a limited budget. Speaking to its durability, the use of special, two-part urethane paint lends it a professional, long-lasting, easy-to-clean finish.

The applications of the GForce Tyrant do not end here. Government entities can use the mist sprayer within cities and counties for mosquito and pest control on public properties such as parks and golf courses.

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Source: EIN Presswire