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I think the COVID crisis has really opened people’s eyes to automation.”

— Tim Houlne

DUBUQUE, IOWA, US, August 20, 2020 / — CEOCFO Magazine, an independent business news and investment publication that highlights important technology, products, services, medical, natural health clean-tech and financial companies, interviewed Berkeley, California based Rick Niemi, CEO of Valor Compounding Pharmacy, a custom compounding pharmacy headquartered in Berkeley, CA. “Compounding is a niche market and we have a competitive offering, not just in our product making, but in the partnerships we create. We are truly an extension of the care team and provide additional measurable value as consultants in all aspects of working with prescribers, medical groups, researchers, health systems, and other clients we work with.”

Asked by CEOCFO’s Senior Editor Lynn Fosse what Valor does Mr. Niemi said, “Valor is a 503a licensed compounding pharmacy, with a team of 30+, that makes custom compounded medications for patients with unique medication needs. Offering both sterile and non-sterile compounding, we are licensed in 8 states, and expanding into new states based on demand. Compounded prescriptions are prescribed by a doctor when a medication is needed in a specific dosage form or strength that is not commercially available, for example, at your local CVS or Rite Aid. Additionally, Valor is allowed to make a medication when a traditionally manufactured medicine is widely out of stock or becomes unavailable altogether.”

This week CEOCFO Magazine spoke with Dubuque, IA-based Humach CEO, Tim Houlne about how they are revolutionizing the Customer Service and Sales Experience combining AI-powered Digital Agents with a Company’s Existing Human Team. Mr. Houlne, told CEOCFO Senior Editor, Lynn Fosse, “The reality is that you actually need that human, first and foremost, for conversational design in order to be able to design the call flow or the workflow to be able to go through where the machine can actually work”

As to who is using their services, Mr. Houlne said, “I think it has gotten to the point where more and more people, mainstream, are starting to look at this opportunity. I think the COVID crisis has really opened people’s eyes to automation. If you went dark as a company and could not answer your phones or respond to your emails or your chats from a support perspective, shame on you! There is too much technology out there that allows you to be able to interact with your customers. If your business is open twenty-four hours a day for your customers to reach you, you have to have that support to have the ability to support them twenty-four hours a day.”

Interviewing electronic asset recycling company, eCycle Solutions Inc. President and CEO Michael Collins, CEOCFO features a company committed to creating a circular economy. Mr. Collins tells Lynn Fosse, “The primary focus is electrical, electronic and IT asset disposition. We recycle electronic materials back into the economy in a number of different fashions, from being able to put whole assets back on the resale market, to shredding of electronics and electrical equipment to extract commodities, steel, copper, aluminum, gold, silver etc. and put them back into the circular economy.”

As to their part in creating a safer environment, Mr. Collins responded, “We continue to look forward to working closely with our Canadian and international partners to meet the needs of our customers and to keep waste out of our landfills”

Providing task-based, Multifunction Timesheets that allow payroll, billing and project tracking with their TimeControl® and TimeControl Industrial products, Toronto, Canada-based, HMS Software President, Chris Vandersluis, tells CEOCFO, “One of the challenges we have seem, particularly in the last few months, has been a renewed interest in, task-based accounting or task-based tracking. It is not enough anymore to say, ‘Did you come to work,’ because many people are not physically arriving at work. We have many people working from home or working at non co-located locations. It is no longer enough just to know how much time employees are at work. It has become critical to know what employees have accomplished with their time. TimeControl can help deliver that.”

Discussing their main product and COVID Mr. Vandersluis said, “TimeControl, was available both for purchase as an on-premise solution and online as a subscription solution. We have seen huge movement of our clients towards Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), starting even before COVID became an issue, and is now heavily accelerated, from people who say, “We really need this to be hosted in the Cloud.” We are focusing along on that and making sure that our online solution is robust and available. We have had to expand the capacity and that is keeping us all pretty busy.”

Providing chatbots for colleges and universities,, Inc. CEO Mark McNasby, tells Lynn Fosse, “When we help a university reduce overhead, and lower costs for students, that is a win we are very proud of.”

Explaining the value of their platform, Mr. McNasby said, “ is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered communications platform. We provide chatbots and related solutions for colleges and universities. helps schools connect with students in nearly every facet of higher education including, admissions, enrollment, the IT helpdesk, student services, and more. Our goal is to help students succeed and empower schools to create seamless opportunities to connect digitally with their students, faculty, and, staff.”

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