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ATHENS, ATTIKI, GREECE, August 8, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Clogged pipes – Apofraxeis Antoniou – are not only a huge nuisance for a household but also an unsightly condition that can cause water pumping problems. Every homeowner, no matter how careful he or she is at some point in his or her life, will face a similar situation and if not addressed immediately it is more likely to create health problems.

From small objects that can fall into the pipes to accumulated hair and grease are some of the reasons that can block the passage of water in the pipes. Understanding exactly how this event is caused is an opportunity for more attention in the future.

So let's see in detail below the main causes that cause clogging in the piping of your house or business.

1. Hair

Hair that accumulates over a long period of time can clog the pipes. Most of the time they are easy to remove but if you do not do it right away it can cause a lot of problems in your network. Hair falling from the head and body in the shower and sink in the bathroom is one of the most common causes of blockage.

You can remove small amounts of hair on your own at regular intervals by pulling them out. It is important to do this before the hairs clog your pipes.

2. Grease

Like hair, grease builds up in the kitchen sink over time. These fats are one of the main causes that can block your pipes. Any grease you wash in the sink sticks to the inside of the tube, creating a mass from which water is difficult to pass.

If the cause of clogged pipes is the accumulated fat then it would be a good idea to call Antoniou blocking company.

3. Foreign objects

Toys, food, papers and other small items can easily get in the drain and block the passage of water, leaving from the sink and the shower.

For this reason these objects must not end up in the pipeline, no matter what.

How to get rid of clogged pipes

If you notice that the pipes in your space are blocked and water does not easily penetrate into the pipe then it would be good to contact the experts directly. At – Antoniou Apofraxeis – we have the know-how and the appropriate equipment to deal with your problem. Do not neglect it!

Call us 24 hours a day and we will come directly to your place in any area of Athens.

Reasons to avoid the use of chemical cleaners

It is not uncommon for you to have to deal with clogged pipes. It is not very difficult for example to unclog the sink or any of the other pipes of the plumbing network temporally.

The plumbing of the house can be clogged for various reasons and causes that arise from their daily use such as grease from dishes that are washed and detergents, even a small object may get out of our hands and stick somewhere in the pipe.

Clogged pipes create a very unpleasant situation. In addition to making our daily lives difficult, they can also be the cause for the prevalence of unpleasant odours in the area. It may also be the cause of a small flood which will be addressed by pumping water.

Many of us choose to use chemical unblocking cleaners that we find easy on supermarket shelves. But is this a wise choice for sink unclogging? To help you, we consulted the experts from the company Antoniou Blockages and they shared their empirical knowledge with us.

What are the effects of using chemical blockers?

If you use chemical blockers on a long-term basis either because a problem has occurred or as a precaution then you should know that these cleaners do more harm than good in the plumbing system.

The chemical reaction of these products can corrode our pipes and even wear them to the point where we need to radically replace them. You understand I suppose that this can lead to a very high repair cost and ultimately never solve the blockages permanently.

It is also very important to know that these chemical cleaners are very harmful to the environment and us. So if you want to have a clear ecological conscience, prefer other options that are healthier.

Unclog your pipes with Antoniou Company

So if you want to put an end to the problems created by the clogged sink the best thing to do is to call the Antoniou Company and assign them the unclogging of the sink or your pipes in general.

Plumbing drainage pipe cleaning:

Professional blockage apofraktiki Antoniou can clean sewer pipes quickly and easily. A very popular method, which achieves radical cleaning of sewer pipes, is water jetting.
In this method, a special machine is used, with which large quantities of water are channeled into the sewer, with great pressure. This removes debris from the pipes and, in effect, makes it quite easy to dismantle sewer pipes.

Why choose Apofraxeis Antoniou unblocking service?

On our platform you will find experienced and evaluated technicians in the field of pipe blockages. Our staff has advanced equipment for draining sewer pipes, so you don’t have to do the plumber, to solve your problem. They come to your place immediately and carry out your work with full responsibility and professionalism, at the most competitive prices.
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