Why do obstruction companies use a camera for sewerage inspection?







A sewerage inspection and control camera allows the obstruction company – Apofraxeis-Athina – to diagnose and see all the problems of the sewerage network.

Our company, Apofraxeis-Athina undertakes efficiently the blockage of sewerage networks and pipes with the use of a camera. We offer a range of services and our equipment is constantly updated.”

— George Antoniou

ATHENS, ATTIKI, GREECE, August 5, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — A sewerage inspection and control video camera allows the obstruction company – Apofraxeis-Athina – to diagnose and see with a robotic camera (High Definition) all the problems of the sewerage network in order to see and accurately record the condition of the pipes and the whole network.
This may include:
• Root penetration
• Cracks
• Perforation
• Corrosion or non-rectangular pipe sections
The camera also detects fat buildup, leaks and obstructions, twigs, etc.

Sewer pipes operate under the force of gravity. The pipes flow downwards, so that when garbage, waste, enter the water flows. It is drained through the piping system. Eventually, the dirt ends up in the city waste treatment center or in a septic tank depending on your particular situation.

However, if something goes wrong with your system and we have a clogged leak, in most cases Apofraxeis-Athina use a camera for clogging. This is how we determine what is causing the problem. Often in these cases we find exactly what is wrong and do not assume. We fix problems such as blockage, roots, mud and broken pipes.

What can an obstruction camera do and why it saves us time and money?

An obstruction camera finds exactly the point or points that have a problem in the drain pipes. This means that if necessary you will not have to dig a lot to find the problem in a house or hundreds of meters in a hotel unit. The problem is corrected vertically since the obstruction camera has a positioning system.
So in case the problem continues to exist and we do not know why then we have to dig. However, when we have made a diagnosis with a camera we go exactly to the point and dig vertically! We do not need to break hundreds of tiles, take out pipes to check and put material back on. We save a lot of Money, Time and Work! We do not work blindly, we see the problem and we categorize it and then we work with the appropriate tools. For example, we can recognize if the blocking is made by branches, pipe problems, flow, etc.

Advantages of diagnosing obstructions with a camera

• In camera blockages we do not operate blindly, we know the problem
• We see the state of the network with our own eyes.
• Determine the type of sewer system inside the pipes. If it is PVC or cast iron without digging.
• Drainage system connections With a drainage camera, we can see connection types. We can also use the connections to run water. We are able to see where the water flows to or from one line to the other.
• We know immediately what the appropriate tools are, for example, for branches, stones, etc.
• We check and see for cracks in the sewer system
• We get rid of unnecessary plumbing repairs.
• Detection with absolute accuracy of faults of any kind
• Efficiency of previous cleanings – blockages
• Existence of illegal connections from third parties
• We see if the slopes are the right ones

What is the procedure with a camera?

The skilled technicians of Apofraxeis Athina Antoniou insert a hose into the drain hose. The bar is equipped with a high definition camcorder on its edge. The flexible bar allows the camera to travel through the tube while sending a video signal back to an HDTV screen.

The technician can inspect the entire length of a pipe. Make a digital record of the inspection for future reference. The camera is equipped with bright LED lights that fully illuminate the inside of the tube to reveal any cracks, blockage sources or structural problems.

A radio transmitter inside the camera records the underground depth and the exact physical position of any defects or obstacles in the pipe. This allows the camera to pinpoint problems and offer cost-effective processing or repair options for customers.

At the end, after the cleaning or repair of the problem follows a final diagnosis with the camera to make sure that the pipe has been cleaned or repaired properly.

Are there any differences among obstruction cameras?

The differences are huge. An obstruction company wants modular systems that meet the needs of now and the future and can control such narrow pipes (4 "/ 100mm to 60" / 1500mm). There must be special equipment on the camera for all cases of difficulty even for the narrowest tubes.

Camera blockages and all the importance of this robotic technology is the best visual display and accessibility. Apofraxeis Athina has invested in this technology and we are ready for any requirement when we arrive at a place to solve a sewerage problem.

We have a wide selection of wheels, flexible bars, special lifts and tires. Optimized equipment to 'do the job' in any subsoil and in any hole and pipe diameter.

Camera blockages do not just require equipment. They want the best equipment and in our company we also invested in the high training of our staff. Each obstruction camera has a cable of up to 305m powerful detectors designed to withstand the harshest sub-surface conditions.

What is the cost for a typical camera obstruction?

Camera diagnosis is not such a high cost as most people imagine. Just think of the money that can be saved by an individual or a hotel businessman that operates blindly and can only temporarily solve the problem.

In case the problem is deeper, the plumber of the blockage company will have to come again and again in the best of cases. At worst you will have to dig a lot to find the problem, remove tiles, and pay for materials and work.

Our company, Apofraxeis-Athina has invested a lot in technical equipment. We also invested in the proper training of our staff.

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Source: EIN Presswire