New Line of eco-friendly packaging is helping UK businesses go green

Davpack has developed a range of alternative environmentally friendly packaging materials for ecommerce companies.

Davpack have a strong company commitment to improve the eco-friendly options they offer to their customers, and look at all areas of the business where they can be more environmentally responsible.”

— Olivia Elliot

DERBY, DERBYSHIRE, UK, June 26, 2020 / — It’s more important than ever to help developing businesses, and for business owners to help themselves stand out, through their commitment to the environment. With yearly ecommerce sales numbers expected to double in the coming decade, companies are showing a commitment to our planet, while reducing costs and doing some genuine good. And Davpack’s range of sustainable packaging is helping them do just that.

Over the coming years, Davpack are on a mission to recycle 95% of their own waste, as well as affording their customers the opportunity to do the same. Many of their customers are small business owners with E-Commerce platforms; reducing the effect that their packaging has on the environment will drastically reduce their company’s carbon footprint. On top of this The U.K. has proposed a tax for packaging that does not contain recycled plastic, so it’s also cost effective.

“Davpack's collection of Eco-Packaging has been put together in response to our customers main concerns and needs from surveys and feedback we have gathered.”

A recent customer survey conducted by Davpack showed that:
• 85% of customers said that eco packaging is important to their business going forward
• ‘Packaging that can be recycled and not end up in landfill’ was the top ranked description of what eco packaging is, which was significantly ahead of others, particularly ‘packaging that is made from trees and plants’ or ‘uses less energy to make’.
•Plastics in general was the top area of concern, followed by filling materials.

“Within our range, you will find eco-responsible environmentally friendly packaging supplies, all of which are fully recyclable and often also produced from partially recycled materials.”

Davpack believes that with today’s technology and manufacturing capability, they have an obligation as a materials supplier to lower carbon footprints throughout the supply chain. This includes more sustainable methods of manufacturer, distribution, and sales.

Davpack have a strong company wide commitment to not only improve the eco-friendly options they offer to their customers, but also to look at all areas of the business where they can try to become more environmentally responsible.

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Source: EIN Presswire