AiDash launches satellite-based remote asset monitoring & inspection platform

Complete automation to minimize human interaction on field in the wake of COVID-19

At a time when COVID-19 is spreading at an unprecedented rate, our satellite-based AI platform will enable core industries to gain complete visibility and the ability to remotely monitor their assets.”

— Rahul Saxena, CTO

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA, USA, March 26, 2020 / — The COVID-19 pandemic has infected more than 400,000 people around the world. Despite that, most core industries, including but not limited to power utilities, telecom, oil & gas, transportation, have a special responsibility in these times to continue operations.

To aid automation and reduce human interaction in the field, AiDash, a San Francisco Bay Area-based AI-first SaaS company, launched a satellite-powered remote monitoring and inspection platform today. Designed exclusively for core industries, this platform automates routine monitoring, inspection and audit tasks for core industries’ geographically distributed asset’s operations and maintenance.

“At a time when COVID-19 is spreading at an unprecedented rate, our new satellite-powered AI platform will enable core industries to gain complete visibility of operations and the ability to remotely monitor, inspect and audit asset maintenance activities. Automation will make the processes humanless, error-free and more efficient, and in turn, drive cost savings,” said Rahul Saxena, CTO, AiDash.

Satellite imagery has been seen as a revolution in the geographically distributed asset management space. A lot of the industries allocate resources to look after assets at a certain cadence for security or safety. AiDash’s novel platform uses cutting-edge AI technology to process high-resolution multispectral satellite imagery and enables industries to strategically and remotely monitor their assets via a web dashboard and mobile app.

The use cases of satellite-based asset monitoring and inspection for power utilities are many, especially with regards to vegetation management. Satellite data combines past data with the present and provides the complete picture of change detection along the assets, such as power lines, cables, electricity poles and feeders. Being able to detect changes helps track the growth of different tree species. This, in turn, can be used to plan trim cycles, hazard tree removal and so on. Satellite imagery is also used to remotely inspect and audit if a particular vegetation management work is being done as required. Routine monitoring of transmission lines is also possible through the platform.

Similarly, consider the case for the rail and railroads industry. High-resolution multispectral satellite imagery and a deep neural network platform can help stakeholders identify rail and road disruptions due to landslides, snowfall, bad roads, etc, in remote areas. This fosters better planning and also helps them utilize their resources optimally. Once the work is completed, the inspection and audit can also be tracked and assessed via satellite imagery itself. Reducing the need to go to the field is what is being considered the biggest advantage of this satellite-based platform.

For the oil and gas industry, being able to remotely monitor, detect change and anticipate the spring melt and winter freeze in a region like northern Alberta can prove extremely beneficial for rig moves and prevent hazards.

Technology and automation are at the forefront of businesses today. Even though it’s early in this crisis and businesses are still mapping out solutions to challenges posed by COVID-19, adopting technology is never a non-starter. If it can help maintain social distancing at the workplace and restrict human interaction in the field, it’s a win-win. Having a satellite-driven platform promises full visibility and transparency at all levels for all stakeholders.

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AiDash is an AI-First vertical SaaS company enabling intelligent asset management and operations in core industries with distributed assets. AiDash uses high-resolution, multispectral imagery and SAR data from the world’s leading satellite constellations that are fed into its proprietary AI models to make timely predictions for asset management and operations activities. This is coupled with an app that enables prioritized completion and audit of these O&M activities. The company has offices in San Francisco Bay Area, Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area and Bengaluru.

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