ToughSonic CHEM Ultrasonic Level Sensors

Chemically Inert Ultrasonic Level and Distance Sensor

oughSonic CHEM Level Sensors

Rugged, Smart and Flexible Ultrasonic Level Sensors

Compared to a lower cost alternative that I've tried, ToughSonic sensors are a much better value. Time savings due to ease of use and helpful tech support offset the higher cost.”

— Bubbleology Research International

HINESBURG, VERMONT, USA, January 7, 2020 / —

RUGGED – These rugged, compact ultrasonic level sensors measure a wide variety of liquids from diesel fuel in rail locomotives to chemical tanks in the paper and food processing industries. Heavy duty electronics are epoxy potted into a polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) sensor housing that physically isolates the transducer and electronics from the chemicals and can withstand exposure to both acids and bases.

FLEXIBILITY – Over 60 Parameters can be optimized via SenixVIEW software (included). Adjust operating range, sensitivity, measurement rates, outputs, output filters, condition responses and more. Analogs can be calibrated between any two distances, adjustable analog limits, positive or negative slope, and no-target time delay. Switches have both hysteresis and window modes, time delays (on, off & no target)

SMART – Models come with either an RS-232 or RS-485 interface. Selectable Modbus (default) or ASCII streaming protocols, Baud rates from 9600 (default) to 115200 bps, Analog voltage (0-10 VDC), Two analog 4-20 mA current loops (sourcing & sinking) for process industry transmitter applications, Two Switches: Each configurable as Sinking (NPN) or Sourcing (PNP)

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Source: EIN Presswire