RWDC Industries Introduces Solon Biodegradable Biopolymer to F&B Industry and Fortune 100 Leaders in Singapore

More than 120 global influencers gathered for an RWDC presentation to see how Solon will change the world by replacing single-use plastics in the near future.

SINGAPORE, June 17, 2019 / — Dr Daniel Carraway’s presentation “Be a Hero to Your Customers” during RWDC Industries Sustainability Dialogue event had the crowd buzzing on June 6 at the Marina Bay Sands Singapore. The RWDC CEO presented the opportunity, value and transformational change the company’s Solon polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) product offers the food and beverage industry in replacing single-use plastics.

Governments around the world are starting to legislate aggressively on single-use plastics, and while RWDC supports current initiatives centered around the three Rs—Reduce, Reuse and Recycle—these steps are not enough to alter the growth trajectory of plastic waste, risking serious environmental consequences around the globe.
“We believe a fourth R is needed to complement these efforts – Replace,” said Dr Carraway. “Why do we make single-use articles from a material that’s indestructible? Solon is a solution that is good for business, good for the planet and good for future generations.”

RWDC’s Solon has been awarded biodegradability certifications in marine, fresh water, soil, as well as home composting and industrial composting conditions by the international certification authority TUV Austria (formerly known as Vincotte), meaning the product biodegrades 100%.

Winner of The Liveability Challenge 2018, presented by Temasek Foundation, RWDC spent the past year perfecting its Solon-based straw. The to-market version of the Solon straw premiered earlier this month at Ecosperity Week 2019. The packed room of global influencers from the food & beverage, packaging and financial industries at the Marina Bay Sands indicates significant interest in RWDC progress. Solon’s versatility gives the food service and food packaging industries the ability to replace single-use plastic items including straws, coffee cups, lids, utensils, to-go containers and bags.

“The conversations following Dr Carraway’s presentation are a clear indication that international companies are looking for sustainable solutions that will improve our planet,” said RWDC Executive Chairman Roland Wee. “They weren’t kicking the tires—there is genuine interest in utilizing Solon immediately. We are very excited about the next steps.”


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Technical information:
Polyhydroxylalkanoates (PHA) are biopolymers naturally produced by microbial fermentation of plant-based oils or sugar. RWDC’s PHA is certified to be fully biodegradable in soil, water and marine conditions, as well as home composting and industrial composting conditions (i.e. all potential end-of-life scenarios) by certification authority TUV Austria, fully biodegrading within weeks with no toxic residue. RWDC supports sustainable practices and encourages responsible choices in plastic waste management including recycling to best protect our environment.

About RWDC Industries Limited
Based in Singapore, RWDC Industries is a biotech company focused on harnessing nature to produce the materials that we use in our daily lives. The privately held company was founded in 2015 by Mr Roland Wee and Dr Daniel Carraway, and has a strategic alliance with the New Materials Institute at The University of Georgia, the oldest public university in the United States. The company’s mission is to replace single-use plastics with safe, sustainable materials.

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