Visionscape & CNEEC Unite to Power African Communities through Waste-to-Energy

Visionscape Group and China National Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. partners to design and build waste-to-energy plants in emerging markets, with focus on the African region.

Visionscape Group

Visionscape Group & China National Electric Engineering Co. partners for the development of waste-to-energy plants in emerging markets, with a focus on Africa.

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, April 1, 2019 / — The Visionscape Group, a multinational environmental utility conglomerate, and global energy giant China National Electric Engineering Company Ltd. (CNEEC) have entered into a partnership to build waste-to-energy plants across emerging markets, with a focus on African communities.

The partnership between Visionscape Group and Beijing-based CNEEC aims to harness the region’s vast waste resources as a green energy source and produce reliable, eco-friendly energy solution for communities, municipalities and businesses.
Two-thirds of Africa’s population currently do not have access to stable electricity, while the continent is home to 19 of the world’s 50 largest dumpsites.

Visionscape and CNEEC will use mass burn incineration technology to convert waste-to-energy, which will be supplied to the National Grid and help increase power supply in Africa, thereby reducing the amount of waste that will be buried in landfills.

Harry Ackerman, COO Visionscape Group said: “Waste-to-energy plants are in line with Visionscape’s business objectives to power emerging markets through smart and sustainable energy projects.”

Visionscape maintains a positive outlook in providing high-quality waste management and green energy solutions in Africa, after its operations in Lagos, Nigeria concluded in 2018 following political tensions that proved to be beyond the company’s control.

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Source: EIN Presswire