Wiping Out Lost Time Injury From Your Core Shacks Completely With CoreSafe Core Trays

Protect Your People, Protect Your Core, Protect the Environment

The World’s Safest Core Tray, Better Productivity – Maximized Safety

Cleaning up the environment one CoreSafe Core Tray at a Time!

CoreSafe Core Trays are made from Recycled Household Plastic Waste

Safest Core Tray Available in the World

CoreSafe Core Trays protect your core for longer life, better record-keeping – and safer

Protects Your People, Protects Your Core, Preserves the Environment and Protects Your Future Share Value

"We think of CoreSafe Core Trays as a premium product, but when we look at the all-in costs of this tray vs our old system, the CoreSafe pricing is right in line with its competition.”

— Simon Enman, Senior Geologist

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO, CANADA, February 13, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Designed Simply to be The Worlds Safest and Easiest Core Tray. They protect your people best.

CoreSafe® Plastic Core Trays & Core Boxes have been designed from the ground up to prevent workplace injuries such as cuts, strains, and lifting injuries, associated with handling core trays. It all starts with our unique side handles that allow the plastic core tray to be lifted comfortably and in a natural way. By lifting the core tray by its sides, the risk of strain injuries to wrists and elbows is greatly reduced. End handles have also been incorporated into the design to allow the tray to be handled when on workbenches or conveyor systems. All handles incorporate comfort grips.

CoreSafe® Plastic Core Trays are available now in the Americas. These Core Boxes have been designed to work flawlessly with your work environment – be it pallets, work benches, or roller conveyors. CoreSafe® Plastic Core Trays and Core Boxes have been specifically designed with flat bottoms to be handled effortlessly on any work surface – no catching on table edges and tops, no jamming in conveyor rollers and no problems with pallets!


CoreSafe Core Trays protect your core best. All CoreSafe Core Trays, Lids, Markers, and Plugs are made from tough plastic for safety, durability, and economy. Our chosen material is a premium grade high-impact polypropylene; designed to give many years of field service. CoreSafe Plastic Core Trays and Core Tray Accessories are designed to work in most environments. The Arctic Extreme Core Tray can withstand temperatures down to -72ºC. All CoreSafe Core Trays are engineered tough to minimise twisting, bowing and breakage. Immune to most chemicals and UV stabilised for extended life outdoors. CoreSafe Plastic Core Trays and Accessories are also available in other specialised plastics for those rare applications where extreme conditions prevail, please let us know of any particular requirements you may have.

To find out exactly what makes CoreSafe®Plastic Core Trays and Plastic Core Boxes so special, visit the CoreSafe® Site.

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Cold Weather Tested to -72C

Source: EIN Presswire