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The Job Auction

The Job Auction

The Job Auction

The Job Auction

The Job Auction

The Job Auction

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 29, 2019 / — The Job Auction has just passed the milestone of its 11 months birthday. It’s chief component and USP is the auction function, a utility that elevates it above its alternatives as a jobs board.

Much has been made of the phrase ‘unique selling point’ but often what makes a good one is the fact that it can be summarised succinctly and vividly. You’ll hear The Job Auction staff happily use the phrase ‘eBay for jobs’ to describe their employer and comparison to the e-commerce giant is enthusiastically accepted. At The Job Auction they do exactly what you would expect with a name like that: auctioning jobs.

The site operates as a regular jobs board but also has one distinct difference. Those using it can chose to advertise jobs or tasks that they need doing and then anyone who thinks that they might be a good fit can put themselves forward. This makes sure that the interested parties are constantly negotiating and they themselves are in total control of proceedings.

The Job Auction is inspired by auctions which act as physical proof that value is a fluid concept. Not one person will have the same opinion on how much a position or task is worth and the system The Job Auction has in place makes sure that everyone involved in the processes voice is heard.

They have a messaging system in place as well as the option to lock the price as the potential employer so that while everyone has their say, those who advertised the job have the final word. It’s a website that puts the power firmly into the hands of its users in a way that will enhance the business acumen of all of those who chose to be involved.

Options like ‘Skill Auction’ and ‘Tasks’ means that advertisement itself is interchangeable and the notion of what can and cannot be bid on is up for debate. If you can think of anything you’d like to do or have done for you, The Job Auction can facilitate that need.

Auctions have the prospect of bargain hunting and those in the know can utilise them to achieve things that wouldn’t be possible at a regular marketplace. The Job Auction aims to attract all people who are excited by the possibility of grafting for work. Negotiating salary in a traditional interview setting might see you out the door but on this site it is readily encouraged.

A trailblazing site with few businesses in the same headspace, the site’s clean and easy-to-use functionality should appeal to anyone looking to market themselves in a modern working world which more often than not limits your own possibilities. With the power in your hands, The Job Auction ensures that what you get is only limited by what you want.

The Job Auction Team



The Job Auction Team
The Job Auction
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Aspirelabs Announces Sustainability Startup Accelerator – CleanEdge Accelerator Program

Aspirelabs Announces Sustainability Startup Accelerator – CleanEdge Accelerator Program

DELHI NCR, DELHI, INDIA, January 24, 2019 / — India today faces major Challenges in area of Environmental Sustainability, Waste Management & Renewables. In the last few years there have been number of initiatives and programs launched by Government of India to tackle these issues so that they do not take up alarming proportions. At the micro level, efforts by individuals, organizations, young businesses, startups have been making continuous efforts to find a resolve. This would help early stage innovators which would further lead to new materials, low wastage manufacturing, better product designs and end-of-life innovations. One of the major gaps in this effort is pre-dominance of sub-scale Organizations, which do not have access to the right technology and investors.

To bridge the above gap, Polyplex and Shriram Institute have joined hands to run an Accelerator Program -“CleanEdge” for Environmental Sustainability, Waste Management & Renewables. This is a four month program and will run from February till May19.
CleanEdge Accelerator program has started accepting applications. With rigorous evaluation 15 startups will be shortlisted to participate in this program. Key offerings under this program are 1) High quality intensive mentorship by Startup Experts, Functional Strategy Experts, domain related technical & sector specific experts. 2) Access to State-of-the-Art pilot lab facility at SRI-TBI in Delhi & Co-working facility at Aspirelabs 3) Access to “Appropriate” Technology, Opportunity to raise Seed-Capital upto 25 lakhs. 4) Access to Impact investors and Potential Customers. 5) Post acceleration support.

With Polyplex and Shriram Institute – Technology Business Incubator as anchors, this program is also being significantly supported by Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India under its umbrella of National Initiative for Developing and Harnessing Innovations (NIDHI) scheme.

Polyplex Corporation Limited ( is among the world's largest manufacturers of packaging film with manufacturing facilities in five countries and employs over 2000 people globally. Apart from Infrastructural support, Polyplex through its network brings a high-quality business mentor pool, global linkages and market access for young startups.

Shriram Institute for Industrial Research is an organization providing research and testing services in the field of plastics, rubbers, specialty chemicals and waste management. It also helps startups grow through nurturing innovative ideas into technologies and incubating entrepreneurs through its Technology Business Incubator (

This program would be executed by Aspirelabs Accelerator (– founded by Ranjit Singh- Director at Polyplex Corporation Limited and alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad and BITS Pilani. Aspirelabs is a startup accelerator centrally located in Delhi-NCR with ten thousand square feet of premium office space and having access to high quality business and startup mentors. It is designed to foster entrepreneurship and innovation, and has a range of customized programs to enable young businesses and startups scale up to large profitable businesses. Aspirelabs is closely associated with Startup Oasis ( – a Jaipur based incubation CIIE (Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship) ( which is India’s leading incubator operating under the aegis of IIM Ahmedabad.

Applications for CleanEdge Accelerator are now open. Program details are accessible at Also you may like to share this article with budding entrepreneurs working in clean-tech areas in your network to help drive innovation, growth and collaboration in a socially impactful field.

For queries – one may contact CleanEdge directly at: or
Abhinav Ramaria 8826636677 / Jessica Arora 9267932409 (Aspirelabs),
Bhupesh Sharma 9871438033 / Akash Sharma 9990648217 (SRI-TBI)

Abhinav Ramaria
Aspirelabs Accelerator
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One-off webinar to equip businesses to tackle single-use plastics and lead transformation

To make a real difference, businesses need to start thinking about less obvious measures. It’s all about doing the right thing in a way that’s sustainable for the planet as well as your business”

— John Morgan, head of floorcare at phs

CAERPHILLY, UNITED KINGDOM, January 14, 2019 / — Businesses wanting to eradicate single-use plastics are being invited to attend a live webinar hosted by sustainability website with waste management experts phs Group.

The special one-off webinar, hosted on January 17th at 2pm (GMT), will bring together a selection of leading retailers, manufacturers and economic experts presenting best practice case studies and insights into how businesses can achieve real breakthroughs when it comes to reducing single-use plastics from their operations, products and supply chains.

The panel of industry experts on the ‘Single-use plastics: How to lead a business transformation’ webinar include Fiona Ball, head of Sky Ocean Rescue, A Plastic Planet’s co-founder Sian Sutherland, Cranswick's site director of gourmet pastry, Andy Mayer, and phs supply chain partner Aquafil, an Italian company that gives new life to plastic waste. Maria Giovanna Sandrini of Aquafil will be discussing how small and simple supply chain decisions can deliver wider sustainability achievements.

“There is a huge onus on businesses to tackle single-use plastic and the resulting pollution,” commented John Morgan, head of floorcare at phs. “Of course a lot of the cause of plastic pollution is easy to identify in the form of packaging and consumables from bottles, cups and straws and measures are starting to be taken to reduce this. However, if businesses want to make a real difference, they need to start thinking about less obvious measures which can make a significant impact. It’s all about doing the right thing in a way that’s sustainable for the planet as well as your business.”

Maria Giovanna Sandrini of Aquafil continued: “The commitment to Research and Development, sustainability and excellence has allowed Aquafil to become a pioneer in innovation in the Nylon market, in a real way. These efforts culminated in 2011 with the launch of the ECONYL® Regeneration System, which enabled us to become a benchmark in the Circular Economy.
In 2013 Aquafil, together with a Dutch NGO and another company founded the Healthy Seas Initiative, through which ghost nets are recovered and then used together with other nylon waste into our process and become brand new ECONYL® regenerated. This incredible fibre is then supplied to phs to make floor mats. So everyone who steps into a business, retailer, office or school with a floor mat made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon is contributing to the clean-up of ghost fishing nets, which accounts for 46% of the ocean’s plastic waste pollution, simply by wiping their feet.”

Matt Mace, content editor edie, who is chairing the webinar, added: “This is exactly the sort of example that we want to explore. Taking on the challenge of plastic pollution isn’t an option anymore, it’s expected. Businesses need to review their entire operation to ensure that the ethos of sustainability is engrained into its core. It sounds like a big job but there are so many quick, cost-effective tweaks which will make you stand out as a business. We’ll be discussing how to avoid the unintended consequences of replacing single-use plastics, how to develop new partnerships to spur innovation and closing the loop in your supply chain to achieve a true business transformation. It’s a webinar which shouldn’t be missed.”

• The Single-use plastics: How to lead a business transformation webinar will be hosted at 2pm on January 17th. For details and to register, visit:


About us
phs Group provides washroom, healthcare and floorcare hygiene services to 90,000 customers across 300,000 locations nationwide. Wherever we’re needed, we’re on your doorstep.

phs provides vital services to organisations whether it’s disposing of sanitary waste and nappies, installing hand dryers, soap dispensers and air purifiers or supplying floor mats to prevent slips, trips and falls. You’ll also find phs working within the healthcare industry disposing of clinical, pharmaceutical and dental waste. Under the phs umbrella, different companies service a range of needs from plant and tree hire, specialist cleaning, compliance, workwear, providing consumables and supplying crates and boxes.

What makes phs different? A commitment to do the right thing. phs diverts hygiene waste from landfill and uses it to create energy to power homes through its pioneering and patented LifeCycle process. It’s helping clean up the ocean from plastic by using ECONYL® regenerated nylon made from waste such as ghost nets to create floor mats. It has patented products which deliver significant water and cost savings. Its air purifiers help to improve employee wellbeing.
By using phs, organisations can make a difference to the environment and their bottom line as well as telling a good news story. It’s all about doing the right thing.

Laura Windeatt
phs group
+44 29 2080 9902
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Find out more about how phs is helping to clean up the ocean from plastic and creating floor mats for businesses

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Save the planet & reduce the ecological footprint of your website…

Better Robots.txt WordPress plugin

Better Robots.txt WordPress plugin

Better Robots.txt WordPress plugin

Save the planet with your website !

WHAT if you could reduce your site’s ecological footprint and, at your level, the greenhouse gas (CO2) production inherent to its existence on the Web?

The web activity in terms of CO2 production is equivalent to the production of CO2 from the aviation industry worldwide. And GOOGLE is responsible for almost half of it (45%).”

— Gautier Dorval

DRUMMONDVILLE, QUEBEC, CANADA, January 14, 2019 / — An idea, original, crazy some would say but which gradually, for more than 6 months, is making its way. How could a simple website help fight global warming?

To understand it, you have to immerse yourself in the world of the Web, search engines and how they work. Every day, new websites appear on the Internet that contribute to enriching, regardless of the content, the information available online. Thanks to search engines, whose mission is to crawl & index content in order to make it accessible online via simple requests, anyone, no matter where in the world they are, can access the most varied content, on their computer or cell phone. This is the beauty of search engines, of which Google is the most effective representative.

However, the process of crawling a site, which, it should be noted, is carried out continuously (all the time, or almost all the time) in order to make published information (including the most recent) accessible to anyone, is particularly energy consuming! This involves crawlers (spiders) visiting your website, from link to link, to detect the presence of new pages, content, changes to represent them as accurately as possible in search engine result pages (SERP). As such, Google, which has become in a few years the most widely used search engine in the world, excels in its ability to provide the most appropriate and relevant information according to the requests made by users. It is a clever mix of technology, algorithms, servers, power, etc. that allows your last article published on your site to be, in a few days, read, organized, referenced and made available in a few clicks to the first visitor interested in your subject.

And this work is titanic. To give you an idea, Google conducts more than 3.5 billion searches per day on behalf of its users, making them the main culprit, up to 40%, in the carbon footprint of the Web in general. In 2015, a study established that web activity in CO2 production (in terms of the use of millions of servers, cooling systems, etc.) was equivalent to the production of CO2 from the aviation industry worldwide.

But what can you do about it? After all, you and your website cannot be held responsible for this. You are doing your part and a priori, you have not asked Google for anything even if, in reality, you depend on it considerably (for traffic on your site).

In fact, what you could do, which could impact globally (if all users did) the production of CO2 emitted by Google to read the Web, organize the information and allow users access to it, would simply be to simplify the work that Google has to do, through its indexing robots (crawlers), when they visit your website.

You may not know it, but your website is not limited to the pages you create with your content, nor to what is visible in search results. Your site contains an astronomical amount of internal links, intended strictly for its operation, to generate interactions between pages, to filter results, to organize content, to allow access to certain limited information, etc. And when your site is made available for crawling by search engines, crawlers systematically try to visit all the links it contains in order to identify the presence of information, index it and make available. But, and this part is important, exploring/crawling your website requires power, a lot of energy, both from crawlers (search engine servers) and also from your own hosting server.

That’s why, very early on, in the continuous improvement processes of its crawling system, Google, for example, defined a limit to the number of links a robot could explore in a session. And the reason is simple. The power required by indexing robots to explore your site directly impacts the performance and efficiency of your website.

However, this limitation, called “crawl-budget” is not a general rule applied by all (known) search engines and certainly not by the thousands of “web” robots (“scrapers”) continuously visiting, copying, analyzing, the Web in general.So, if you could accurately tell crawlers, whoever they are (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, etc.) what they can explore and what is not necessary for your visibility, you could both ensure better performance for your website but ABOVE ALL, significantly reduce the energy (and therefore power consumption) required by your hosting server, Google and all other exploration entities on the Web.

So what can we do?

This optimization mission is the one that PAGUP, a Canadian SEO agency specialized in search engine optimization systems, has adopted by creating a “plugin” specifically dedicated to WordPress allowing very simply and in a few clicks, the optimization of a file, called the Robots.txt.

The… what?

The “robots.txt”. As incredible as it may seem, this whole crawling operation is done through a small file that each website has on its root directory (on the hosting server). This file has only one simple role, that of communicating with search engines. In fact, it is so important that when your site is displayed in a browser for a visitor, it is the very first file that is loaded. Just like when indexing robots explore your website, it is the first file that will be searched first, then read… to know exactly what to do with your site.

It is precisely by inserting precise “instructions” that it is possible to inform crawlers as to what they can read/index or not. The plugin in question, called Better Robots.txt, which had more than 10k downloads in 6 months, makes it possible, quite easily, to produce a robots.txt file optimized specifically for any WordPress site by refining the indexing work that exploration robots will have to perform for most search engines and a large number of other entities.

And it is free…

You now have the opportunity to reduce your site’s ecological footprint and the greenhouse gas (CO2) production inherent to its existence on the Web.

In any case, you & we all benefit.

Gautier Dorval
+1 819-314-6831
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Advanced Vapor Technologies Announces TANCS “Mold Buster” Technology

Mold in Carpet

Mold in Carpet

Moldy Carpet

Moldy Carpet

Mold Study Chart

Mold Study Chart

Now, using TANCS SSV, wet carpet with mold can be restored even after a month goes by using a chemical-free process.

TANCS SSV is very efficient in eradicating mold in carpet after 24 hours, seven days, and 30 days of mold incubation time using only hot, low moisture steam vapor, and zero chemicals”

— Rick Hoverson, AVT

EVERETT, WA, US, January 8, 2019 / — Advanced Vapor Technologies−the technology leader in Saturated Steam Vapor (SSV) cleaning and disinfection systems−has announced its TANCS “Mold Buster” Technology to remediate mold in carpet.

This is especially timely in U.S. southern states projected to have higher-than-normal wet-weather events this winter.

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA’s) Climate Prediction Center, predicts "wetter-than-average conditions across the southern tier of the U.S., and up into the Mid-Atlantic" from December 2018 through February 2019.

Wet weather and flooding leads to mold growth, and the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) says mold is especially troublesome when it occurs in carpet:

"In many cases, if mold has grown on carpet, cleaning will not be possible … [and] if there is a large area of growth, the carpet will probably need to be replaced."

“Thankfully, there’s a solution to avoid carpet replacement in many cases,” noted Rick Hoverson, principal of Advanced Vapor Technologies, LLC. “A study of our TANCS SSV technology conducted by the University of Saint Louis, School of Public Health, found our system is very efficient in eradicating mold in carpet after 24 hours, seven days, and 30 days of mold incubation time.”

The study disproved the popular notions that mold cannot be significantly reduced in carpet after it has been wet 24-hours or more, and that all cleaning methods are equally effective.

Study Details

Sixty samples of wet carpet and foam padding were imbedded with Cladosporium sphaerospermum (spp) mold, then incubated for 1 day, 7 days, and 30 days. Mold colony forming units (CFU) increased from “1,300 per square feet in 24 hours to a maximum of approximately 9,200 colony forming units per square feet after 7 days with a slight decline in growth after 30 days incubation.”

Cleaning was compared using three methods: High-flow/hot water extraction; hot water and detergent; and TANCS low-moisture steam vapor.

The study concluded: “[Saturated TANCS] Steam was significantly better than the other two methods with 92-99.8% efficiency in reduction of Cladosporium sphaerospermum (spp)” over incubation times of 1,7, and 30 days.

“The other two methods had declining efficiencies of fungal removal over time, from a maximum of 82% and 81% at 24 hours down to 60% and 43% at 30 days for hot water/detergent and high-flow/hot water extraction, respectively,” according to researchers.

For more information regarding the study and TANCS technology, call 800-997-6584 or visit

Allen Rathey
HFI University (HFI-U)
+1 208-658-1912
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World’s Preeminent Environmentally Responsible Chitin Plant Opens in Virginia, USA

Virginia chitin facility opens expected to usher in the chitin economy in the mid-Atlantic for medical, cosmetics, filtration, and food storage industries

The Ross Group (LSE:RGP)

Our sustainable, patented Ionic Liquid extraction process is free from the harsh treatment associated with caustic ‘pulping,’ the Chitin we produce has a higher molecular weight and greater purity.”

— John Keyes

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES AMERICA, January 7, 2019 / — Jan. 7, 2019 Chesterfield, VA – The world’s preeminent environmentally responsible commercial Chitin extraction plant is transforming shrimp shells (considered “waste” for landfills) into one of the most important substances for human and the planet’s health.

Mari Signum – Mid Atlantic (recently acquired by Premium Listed London Stock Exchange Company, Ross Group PLC) launched its unique operations on December 27th and promises to showcase the Richmond, Virginia and USA area as the global leader in both “green” chemistry and the source for high grade Chitin and its many diverse derivatives.

Traditional Chitin extraction, called “pulping,” uses a mix of caustic acids and bases whose runoff is environmentally toxic. “Pulping” is largely forbidden throughout the Western Hemisphere.

Mari Signum’s technology uses environmentally benign Ionic Liquids in a recirculating system – a pioneered process developed at the University of Alabama and now licensed to Mari Signum exclusively. This incomparable processing method replaces many industries’ reliance on toxic petrochemicals. The company’s patented technology earned a “Green Chemistry Challenge Award” October 15, 2018 from the American Chemical Society.

“Because our sustainable, patented Ionic Liquid extraction process is free from the harsh treatment associated with caustic ‘pulping,’ the Chitin we produce has a higher molecular weight and greater purity. It’s ideal for the most pressing human health, bio-tech, agricultural and environmental applications today,” said John P. Keyes, Mari Signum’s CEO.

The innovative plant takes shrimp shells once destined for coastal landfill “dumps” and separates out their two structural compounds: Calcium carbonate and Chitin, one of the Earth’s most abundant bio-polymers and biodegradable compounds.

Chitin is non-toxic and has potent anti-fungal, antibiotic, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant properties. In its many forms, Chitin is key to innovations in medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, agriculture, and mitigation of water pollution. Chitin contributes to a far-ranging spectrum of beneficial applications in human health and environmental benefits.


First identified in 1811 and applied more than a century later to water purification, Chitin-based applications in medicine are at the vanguard of wound-treatment, surgical and organ repair technologies as well as cancer drug delivery vehicles to name a few. In agriculture, the use of Chitin is at the forefront of non-toxic bio-pesticides, bio-fertilizers and efforts to enhance crop yield. Consumer product applications are as wide-spread as biodegradable plastics production, non-toxic and non-allergenic cosmetics’ preservatives, to wine-making and the extraction of uranium from seawater.

“We believe Mari Signum offers a viable, environmentally-responsible means of producing Chitin,” said Victoria White, chairwoman of the company. “At this stage, we may not immediately change the world, but we certainly plan on showing the world how to change.”

Richard Feldman
Mari Signum Limited
+1 603-930-6444
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