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LogiNext has Analyzed more than 1 Billion Data-points to dynamically plan, track, analyze, optimize, streamlining Logistics & Field Services globally.

"Why bring down the number of active field agents because we can’t afford their cost, rather bring down the number because we no longer need that many to do the same task".”

— Dhruvil Sanghvi, CEO, LogiNext

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 11, 2017 / — Fastest growing SaaS company in field workforce and logistics optimization, LogiNext, crosses the 1 billion data points across the globe. Each data point holds information regarding the location details (Lat longs, zip codes, pin codes, and more recently just three uniquely identifiable words) of specific strategic areas. With each additional data point, the location accuracy increases significantly. More data points translate into better triangulation abilities for the GPS sensors and higher analytical power for LogiNext’s patented algorithms.

With more than 250 satisfied enterprise clients across continents, LogiNext continues to leverage its power to track and optimize any type of logistics and workforce movement. Consolidated insights gained through optimizing territorially diverse clientele has pushed the quality of inferences gained through tracking data. The billion data points, by design, are interconnected and function as a virtual supercomputer of sorts that just doesn’t track, but tracks as it learns. Machine learning is embedded within the codes to enable enhanced analytical function. The value add for each of the clients is, then, the power to strategize based on their own logistics data.

The digital world is abuzz with the applications of connected devices and machine learning capabilities. “We track, we analyze, and we optimize. Sometimes the simplicity in a solution is its greatest asset. We all know to cut costs, we should restrict our spending, or make what we do more efficient. Why bring down the number of active field agents because we can’t afford their cost, rather bring down the number because we no longer need that many to do the same task. This is an age-old economics concept, the ‘Learning Curve’. Machine learning has just accelerated our approach towards this learning curve. With intelligent optimization tools, you overcome your learning curve much earlier that you might have expected”, Dhruvil Sanghvi, CEO, LogiNext.

LogiNext recently partnered with what3words, a company based out of the United Kingdom, backed by Aramex, which has taken the initiative of assigning three unique words to each data point to make it universally identifiable. With what3words, LogiNext’s accuracy in location tracking has reached the fabled 100% level. Now LogiNext can uniquely, accurately, and intelligently, track, optimize, and analyze any logistics movement anywhere in the world.

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